Professional Drone Pilot Training

Become the Best professional Drone Pilot with Maxtorq UAV Flight School

        Start your Career in Aerospace with MaxTorQ UAV Flight School. The drone industry has experienced tremendous growth in the past years with licensed drone pilots to the adoption of the drone technology by many companies. With this growth a problem that continues to rise across the country is qualified drone pilots, a large percentage of the drone pilot market is qualified for basic photography and videography applications with little to no experience flying drones for more complex applications such as roof, solar, infrastructure inspections and other commercial operations. Our Trainers have worked with industry professionals and experienced pilots to develop the most advanced training program for Drone Pilots in India.

  • Professional Training in Ground school & Flight Operations
  • Real world Simulator Experience
  • Best-in-class Flying & Testing Facility
  • Business assistance for Young Entrepreneurs

        The course opens with “Introduction to Drone Pilot Regulations in India”. Students will be introduced to rules and regulations required to fly drones and will finish the course by navigating drones through an exclusive “Indoor Obstacle Course”. Our Instructors teach flight planning and operations for remote-piloted Fixed wing and Multirotor Aircrafts. We’ve exclusively designed the UAV Pilot Training Program in compliance with DGCA Regulations required for RPA License. You will learn the fundamental concepts required to design, develop and maintain UAV’s. You’ll work with UAV Trainers, Pilots and Ground operations & Flight test Engineers. Students are engaged in a realistic drone simulation, to ensure rapid deployment and mission readiness. The exercise's purpose is to simulate a near-peer threat in case of emergency response. Other exercises include GCS Operations and Flight Crew management, etc., which will make them a best UAV pilot in the fast growing drone industry.

What you’ll learn?
  • UAV Regulations in India
  • Personal Safety
  • UAV Operations & Safety
  • Aerodynamics & Stability
  • Avionics & Integration
  • Communication Basics & Radios
  • Firmware Installation and Sensor Calibration
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Simulator Training
  • Pilot Training
Course Details
  What is the Course Duration?
  • 15 Days (Regular classes) 6Hrs/Day
  • 7 Days (Fast-Track classes) 3Hrs/Day
What are the Class timings?
  • Mon-Fri Morning Session (10AM - 1PM)
  • Mon-Fri Evening Session (3PM - 6PM)
  • Sat-Sun (10AM - 1PM)
What is the Course fees?
  • Multirotor Pilot Training (Under 2kg) - ₹ 19,000
  • Multirotor Pilot Training (above 2kg) - ₹ 40,000
  • Fixed wing Pilot Training (Under 2kg) - ₹ 45,000
  • Fixed wing Pilot Training (above 2kg) - ₹ 60,000
What is the eligibility?
  • 18+ years of age
  • No Prior knowledge is needed

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the Job Oppurtunities?

Our Drone Pilot training offers a wide range of job opportunities

  • UAV Pilot
  • UAV Test Pilot
  • Chief UAV Pilot
  • Aerodynamics & StabilityUAV Operations Manager
  • UAV Payload Integrations & Sensor Operator
Do I need to bring my own drone for training?

    No, All Drones and equipments are provided by us for your training. If you prefer to get training on your personal drone. You're welcome to bring them.

Is this training program right for me?

    If you’re looking to get professional training on Drone Piloting to operate commercial and customized drone platforms with industrial skills. Then, This course is the best and right choice for you.