UAV Engineering

        UAV Engineering provides a in-depth knowledge on Automation design, Flight testing Procedures, Prototyping and optimization. UAV Industry demands are changing so fast, market needs change as the education and awareness grows, and the regulations are also in a state of flux with a different time scale. All of these dynamic conditions make the job to define standards and common procedures incredibly difficult. As a result, many companies are forced to learn and experiment on their own. Hence, this can be overcome by our specialized UAV Engineering Program.

  • Rigorous training on Drone Development
  • Real world Simulator Experience
  • Best-in-class Flight Testing Facility
  • Real time projects as a problem statements for your understanding

        This training program will master you in developing a UAV from scratch. You will learn the core concepts of design, prototyping, testing and more. If you're interested in taking your career forward in the field of Flight autonomy, Drone Development, Flight testing,then this program is for you.

What you'll learn?
  • UAV Regulations in India
  • Personal Safety
  • UAV Operations & Safety
  • Aerodynamics & Stability
  • Avionics & Integration
  • Design of Multirotors
  • Multirotor Assembly Guidelines
  • Communication Basics & Radios
  • GCS operation
  • Firmware Installation and Sensor Calibration
  • Bench Testing Procedures
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Simulator Training
  • Flight Testing & Evaluation
  • Pilot Training

Course Details
  What is the Course Duration?
  • 20 Days (Regular classes) 3Hrs/Day
  • 10 Days (Fast-Track classes) 6Hrs/Day
What are the Class timings?
  • Mon-Fri Morning Session (10AM - 1PM)
  • Mon-Fri Evening Session (3PM - 6PM)
  • Sat-Sun (10AM - 1PM)
What is the Course fees?
  • ₹ 54,500
What is the eligibility?
  • 18+ years of age
  • Any Diploma or Degree
  • No Prior knowledge is needed

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the Job Oppurtunities?

Our Drone Engineering course offers a wide range of job opportunities

  • UAV Design Engineer
  • UAV Pilot
  • UAV Payload Integrations & Sensor Operator
  • Chief UAV Pilot
  • UAV Programmer
  • UAV Project Manager
  • UAV Test Pilot
  • UAV Operations & Flight Test Engineer
  • UAV Ground Operations
Is this training program right for me?

If you’re looking to get in-depth knowledge and professional training on Drone Technology and become an drone engineer with industrial skills. Then, This course is the best and right choice for you. This training program is ideal for candidates looking to learn drone building, testing and prototyping and business owners to expand their business on drones.