MaxTorQ UAV Flight School is started by a Group of Drone Pilots from different industries with more than 5000+ Flying hours. We give our wisdom and experience,to make our clients more knowledgeable to operate the drones in a challenging environment. We have been working together to make sure that the requirements imposed on unmanned aircraft to keep the safe skies apply to UAVs as well, and there’s been a major development that could help ensure the same safety standards will be applied to anything that enters the airspace.

MaxTorQ is a unique and first of its kind Drone Pilot Training Academy built to bring better knowledge and education in the field of Drones/UAV Systems, awareness on Commercial Drone Operations and make our sky a Safer place to fly! Our mission is to help our clients successfully leverage the benefits of Unmanned Aircraft Systems technology in their environments as project managers, consultants, or trainers. We focus on enabling our clients to incorporate the value, efficiency, economy, safety, and customization of these flexible platforms.

Best UAV Courses with Training Certification

Effective courses designed with Foreseen Understanding of Future Technologies with Hands-on training on Drone equipments.

On completion of Course, you’ll have the in-depth of understanding and specialist knowledge of drones, rules & regulations to start and grow your career in Drone Industries across the globe. Our Drone Training Classes include 3D Simulator Training and Practical flying experience on fields.

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Customer Reviews

Here are some people who got benefits out of our service. Their Feedbacks are so valuable, that help us grow in aspects they expect us.


SEDS-VIT University

“We found MaxtorQ’s service immensely helpful with respect to learning key aspects of aeronautics,mechanical and avionics subsystems.We were also taught real time skills of hand launch and on spot debugging of errors which we found very useful. We hope to continue our collaboration with them and highly recommend their service to budding Aeronautical Engineering Teams.”


Participant SUAS 2018

“I'm an Undergraduate student studying Mechanical Engg, I was working on a fixed wing aircraft project with my team for a competition called SUAS 2018. It was our first time doing such a project so we lacked experience and knowledge. MaXTorQ team helped us a lot with the selection of components,the mission planner software, etc.Their expertise and guidance enabled us to make the system autonomous. They helped us with test flights,which were crucial for the performance.Without their support and guidance we wouldn't have been able to finish the project successfully,we are grateful for it.”



“With an Aeronautical Degree in hand and like every other engineer I could either join a Software company or try my luck in training Institutes to get trained and then try for a job in core field.But then I came across MaxTorQ.I opted for UAV Pilot training and believe me it is more interesting here with the team being Experienced, Sensible and Amiable. The Training Program is framed as such to Impart in-depth knowledge on UAV design fabrication and Flying. Being a Drone Pilot,Safety and DGCA regulations were taught to me. I would recommend this UAV Flight School to every aspirant who is passionate about Drone and to those who are thinking to pursue their career in Aerospace”

Why Choose Us

Our team includes both operational and subject specialists with experience in all aspects of UAS engagement and deployment. Our Instructors have backgrounds in industries including aerospace, defense, law enforcement, software, training and business development. We are actively engaged with clients and industry leaders in the integration of unmanned aircraft systems into real world programs. Our UAV Training programs with foresight and integrated with a best-in class testing facility and simulation environment to upskill our customers with detailed knowledge on Drone Technology in India and Worldwide.

Certified Instructors

Our Instructors have more than 200+ flying hours with extensive industrial experience on Drone technology.

100% Practical training

3D flight simulator and real field-flying experience on Quadcopters and Hexacopters.

Best Drone Courses

Our Drone Training Courses are designed for better knowledge building with necessary schedule for you to learn, Practice and implement them practically.

Job Oriented UAV Courses

Placement Assistance and Professional training to make you industrial ready for Drone job opportunities.

Training certification

Professional Certification will be provided for all Maxtorq's Drone Courses.

Curriculum based on DGCA Syllabus

Our Training Courses are crafted as per DGCA regulations in India.

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We specialize in conducting Corporate Training, Seminars & Workshops on Drone Technology