DJI Drone Training

        DJI Drone Training is one of the Best Drone Training courses offered by Maxtorq specializing on DJI Platforms. This Training Program offers a better opportunity for you to learn piloting, understand and practice flying in entire DJI Drone System. Most Drone companies are utilizing DJI Drones to deliver solutions to their customers. Therefore, Professional Training on DJI Platforms offer a better chance to employ yourself in leading drone companies or start a Drone Business on your own.

        DJI Drones are widely used in field of Aerial Photography & Cinematography, Mapping, Agriculture and Real estate. DJI quadcopters like the Phantom series are the best in consumer drone technology. Take a first step explore yourself in the field of Drones.

What you'll learn?
  • Introduction to Drones
  • Basic Aerodynamics
  • DGCA Rules & Regulations in India
  • Setting up the Drone
  • Drone Safety
  • Pre-flight Checks
  • Drone Simulator Training Sessions
  • DJI Setup, Calibration & Updates
  • Understanding DJI GO App & Settings
  • Fleet Management and Maintenance
  • Hands-On Training on DJI Drones
  • Intelligent Flight Modes
  • Manual Flight Training on DJI & Flying Maneuvers
  • Autonomous Flight Training on DJI
  • Practical Flying Sessions

Course Details
  What is the Course Duration?
  • 5 Days (Regular classes) 3Hrs/Day
  • 2 Days (Fast-Track classes) 6Hrs/Day
What are the Class timings?
  • Mon-Fri Morning Session (10AM - 1PM)
  • Mon-Fri Evening Session (3PM - 6PM)
  • Sat-Sun (10AM - 1PM)
What is the Course fees?
  • DJI Phantom Series (Under 2kg) - ₹ 15,000
  • DJI Inspire Series (Above 2kg) - ₹ 45,000
What is the eligibility?
  • 18+ years of age
  • No Prior knowledge is needed

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to bring my own drone for training?

    No, All Drones and equipments are provided by us for your training. If you prefer to get training on your personal drone. You're welcome to bring them.

Is this training program right for me?

    If you’re looking to get in-depth knowledge and professional training experience on DJI Drones and become an expert on operating DJI Drones. Then, This course is the best and right choice for you.