Aerial Photography & Cinematography

        Photography is always magnetic, it has never been easy to capture aerial images of some of the stunning destinations. Drone, a flying camera turned lot of photographers into aerial film makers. It's a revolutionary technology beats all the conventional methods, and gives us the dazzling footage. In MaxTorQ, we've a team of passionate photographers with tonnes of experience in filmmaking. We teach with Cinema grade hardwares and best-in class aircrafts to get a magnificent shots.

We Provide
  • Customised rigs and aircrafts to get a fully composed shot
  • In-depth knowledge on specialized gadgets and gears for Aerial shoot
  • Training on post processing techniques
  • Dedicated instructors for Filming and Piloting

        This course will sharpen your skills in Aerial filmmaking, maneuvers and aerial shots. Hobbyist,Cinematographers, Photographers, Media bureaucrats can take up this program for a remarkable change in their career.

What you'll learn?
  • UAV Regulations in India
  • Personal Safety
  • UAV Operations & Safety
  • Aerodynamics & Stability
  • Intelligent Flight modes
  • Camera settings
  • Gimbal settings
  • Aerial shots and maneuvers
  • Creating Waypoint Mission
  • Public Flying Guidelines
  • Failsafe & Emergency Procedures
  • Simulator Training
  • Pilot Training
Course Details
  What is the Course Duration?
  • 20 Days (Regular classes) 3Hrs/Day
  • 10 Days (Fast-Track classes) 6Hrs/Day
What are the Class timings?
  • Mon-Fri Morning Session (10AM - 1PM)
  • Mon-Fri Evening Session (3PM - 6PM)
  • Sat-Sun (10AM - 1PM)
What is the eligibility?
  • 18+ years of age
  • No Prior knowledge is needed

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the Job Oppurtunities?

Our Aerial Cinematography course offers a wide range of job opportunities

  • UAV Pilot
  • Chief UAV Pilot
  • Aerial Cinematographer
  • UAV Ops Manager
Is this training program right for me?

    If you’re looking to use drone for film making and aerial shooting and would like to trained professionally to take the perfect aerial shots. Then, This course is the best and right choice for you.